This Week's Goal

It's said it gets hardest somewhere in the middle. The initial motivation is no longer there to sustain you, while you don't exactly see the end yet.

But let me be clear. You started this because you want to keep doing it for the rest of your life. So there's no end. A lifetime of vitality and wellness awaits you.

What may or may not be missing is finding your wellness groove. Exercise-wise this is what you're doing by following this program and filling in your Habit Journal. You're learning more about you, your routine, the anchors that work, the exercises that you like or don't like.

This week I'm introducing a second 7-min non-stop workout, the Standing Workout. No mat needed for this one! However, it would be helpful if you used dumbbells. This is a very effective upper-body workout and dumbbells will make it even more effective. Don't have dumbbells? Try using two bottles of water. Just make sure they're well-shut so that there are no spills and also make sure you don't drop them. You wouldn't want something heavy to land on your toes ;)

We're also gonna work our abs and balance packed together in the Balance Abs workout. We'll learn some new cool exercises to target our back with the No Back Fat workout. Finally, who doesn't want Lean Outer Thighs? I know I do.

So there's a lot to look forward to this week. Come up with your weekly plan, put it in your Journal (and leave a comment!) and you're ready to roll! Should you want to do more exercise, or just different workouts, go here to explore your options.


This Week's Exercise

Total Body Workout: No mat needed for this workout. Hint: Make it harder by holding dumbbells. Exercises in this video: arm circles, arm lifts, squat pulses, one-leg balance.

Lazy Floor Workout: Tired? Feel like lying down? Perfect. Great opportunity to work your legs. Exercises in this video: bridge, leg circles, leg forward.

Balance Abs: Improve your balance, raise your heart-rate, strengthen your abs. What else can you ask for? Exercises in this video: front leg lifts, side leg lifts.

Lean Outer Thighs: Firm, tight hips? You got them with this workout. Exercises in this video: side lunge variation, plank with side leg.

No Back Fat: Back fat right underneath your shoulders? Time to say good-bye... Exercises in this video: plank variation, dart beats.


Stretching: The perfect cool down. You don't have to do it. But it'll make you feel even more awesome. You'll prevent soreness and increase your flexibility -- in only 5 minutes.

What do you plan to do this week? Be specific!

Seriously, be specific. Write down your plan. What is it? Then, come back here and let us know how you did!

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