This Week's Goal

It's week 5! You've officially crossed the middle line! And you've been exercising for one month. This is great!

So what's next? You'll be doing what you've already been doing, it's just that workouts from now on will start getting a little more difficult. My recommendation is that you stick to the frequency you've built up so far, whether that is 3, 4, or 5 times a week.

Our aim from now on will not be to increase the frequence, but rather to strengthen it, keep wiring that habit in your brain, while increasing difficulty and gradually also increasing duration.

In that light I want to introduce to you the first of the three 7-minute non-stop workouts. This one is the easiest of all (and my favorite) hence the Lazy Floor Workout name.

There's no body part we won't be working this week. C-position Abs covers your middle section. Tight Lean Arms covers your upper body. Sweat & Burn is a combo of cardio and leg-work (and the most intense workout of the week). Glutes Flow is slower-paced but also raises the difficulty level a bit.

Now, you don't have to do these workouts. I understand that different people have different needs and preferences, hence I'm not trying to create an one-size-fits-all program. There are more workout options for you here. Now that you've crossed the middle line of the program you have access to not just the beginner workouts, but all workouts offered in the program.

Pick and choose according to your preference. What matters is that you keep it up, you stay consistent with your Habit Journal. Consistency is all that matters. Ok, fun matters too. Your brains loves to wire habits when you're actually enjoying what you do!

And that's where stretching comes in too. You'll notice this is a new addition that did not exist before. Feel free to stretch after you work out. It'll help you relax and reduce soreness. Not to mention that your flexibility will improve. You don't have to stretch, but if you want to, I'm giving you the option.

Now go have the most amazing week ever! Enjoy!

This Week's Exercise

Lazy Floor Workout: Tired? Feel like lying down? Perfect. Great opportunity to work your legs. Exercises in this video: bridge, leg circles, leg forward.

C-position Abs: Feel your abs all over with this workout! Put a pillow behind your back if you need extra support. Exercises in this video: c position abs variations.

Tight Lean Arms: No more flabby arms! Wear those sleeveless shirts with confidence. Let's get started! Exercises in this video: V push-ups, tricep dips.

Sculpted Glutes: Burn calories & then burn more. Don't try it if you are not yet comfortable with what you can or cannot do. Exercises in this video: lunges, snowboarders' squat.

Glutes Flow: Stretch your back and lift your butt. All included in this yoga-inspired workout. Exercises in this video: downward dog, glutes.


Stretching: The perfect cool down. You don't have to do it. But it'll make you feel even more awesome. You'll prevent soreness and increase your flexibility -- in only 5 minutes.

What do you plan to do this week? Be specific!

Seriously, be specific. Write down your plan. What is it? Then, come back here and let us know how you did!

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