This Week's Goal

Woo hoo, you're about to complete your first month of exercise! This is amazing!

The plan this week is to add 5 more minutes of exercise. So if you did, say, 4 workouts last week then now is the time to work out 5 days a week.

However, if you worked out 3 times, and you want to stick to 3 times a week, then just add one 5-minute workout on top of another workout. As simple as that.

As long as you keep up with your Journal, make concrete plans at the beginning of the week and then review what happened at the end of each week, you'll do fine, no matter what plan you choose.

You see 5 or 10 minutes doesn't really make a difference time-wise. If you can do 5 minutes of exercise you most certainly can also do 10. Success regarding exercise has less to do with time, and more to do with focus. That's why we stay consistent with the Habit Journal. Ok?

Now go do your exercise!

This Week's Exercise

Push yourself up: After you experience how wonderfully push-ups shape your body, you will stop hating them. Promise. Exercises in this video: open- & closed- arm push-ups.

Mix it up: Want to improve your balance? Or, maybe, shape up your arms? You are at the right place. Exercises in this video: tricep dips, bird dog.

Tighten your legs: Lie on the floor and start...lifting. This pilates inspired workout starts shaping up your legs from day 1! Exercises in this video: circles, clams.

Feel Your Core: Start Exercise Bliss gently by re-connecting with your core. Your abs and upper & lower back will thank you. Exercises in this video: swimming, plank.

Work Everything: Work literally every muscle of your body with this workout. That's how good these exercises are. Exercises in this video: push-ups, bridge.

What do you plan to do this week? Be specific!

Seriously, be specific. Write down your plan. What is it? Then, come back here and let us know how you did!

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