This Week's Goal

We're in week 3! Woot! So let me clarify here because now is the time when you'll need to make decisions. You have two options. You can either work out 4 times a week, or you can work out 3 times just like you did last week.

The difference here is that should you choose to work out 3 times, then you'll double your workout on one of those days. Makes sense?

So you may do two 5-min workouts, and one 10-minute one. Or you may do four 5-min workouts, up to you.

Now what should you pick? It's up to you and your personality. If you'd be thrilled if you exercised 3 times a week consistently, then pick 3 workouts and stay there for the rest of Exercise Bliss.

If you'd like to exercise 5 times a week but this sounds a bit scary, build it up to 3 for the duration of Exercise Bliss and then expand.

If you'd like to exercise 5 times a week and you like doing the same thing every day, expand to 4 times a week this week. Makes sense?

Of course if your dream is to work out 4 times a week adjust your plan accordingly. This plan is not supposed to be perfect on your first try - you'll discover what perfect means for you in time, by keeping up with your Journal, noticing what works, what doesn't work, and iterating as you go along.

Ok, enough said, I'll let you exercise now! And remember, if you feel like doing it, you can always do more exercise. You'll find more beginner workout options here.

This Week's Exercise

Mix it up: Want to improve your balance? Or, maybe, shape up your arms? You are at the right place. Exercises in this video: tricep dips, bird dog.

Tighten your legs: Lie on the floor and start...lifting. This pilates inspired workout starts shaping up your legs from day 1! Exercises in this video: circles, clams.

Feel Your Core: Start Exercise Bliss gently by re-connecting with your core. Your abs and upper & lower back will thank you. Exercises in this video: swimming, plank.

Work Everything: Work literally every muscle of your body with this workout. That's how good these exercises are. Exercises in this video: push-ups, bridge.

What do you plan to do this week? Be specific!

Seriously, be specific. Write down your plan. What is it? Then, come back here and let us know how you did!

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