This Week's Goal

You're in Week 2! Awesome! Now it's time to add one more 5-minute workout - for a total of 3 workouts this week. You ready?

Now before you make this week's plan, make sure you reviewed how you did last week. Did you exercise twice a week? If not, what got in your way? What do you think you can do so those sort of things don't make you skip workouts?

Once you complete your review make this week's plan. Be specific - when will you do the 3 new workouts? How will you congratulate yourself? And what if you skip a workout? What's your plan B? Remember to do the mini-habit if life gets in the way to keep your momentum up!

This Week's Exercise

Tighten your legs: Lie on the floor and start...lifting. This pilates inspired workout starts shaping up your legs from day 1! Exercises in this video: circles, clams.

Feel Your Core: Start Exercise Bliss gently by re-connecting with your core. Your abs and upper & lower back will thank you. Exercises in this video: swimming, plank.

Work Everything: Work literally every muscle of your body with this workout. That's how good these exercises are. Exercises in this video: push-ups, bridge.

What do you plan to do this week? Be specific!

Seriously, be specific. Write down your plan. What is it? Then, come back here and let us know how you did!

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