Hello and welcome to the Inner Critic module! You made it all this way, you're amazing!

By now you've learned all about creating habits, using the scientific method to review your progress and set better goals. You've been using your Habit Journal to track what you're doing and stay focused. You've learned the techniques to reframe your thinking so that you don't get in your own way.

So what is left, you may be wondering. Well, I'll tell you what. This week's material is perfect for the people who have double standards, have a "dictator" inner critic, and are too hard on themselves.

When person A completes a task they say "Good job!" and mean it! When they do the same task, they're not as impressed. Similarly when person A screws up they're not too strict. When they screw up they tear themselves apart.

These people often recognize they're too hard on themselves, but they see this as high standards. So yes they see they have double standards but the rationalization is amazing. Who wants to have lower standards?

The problem is that such mentality will make you more likely to get disappointed at obstacles that may come your way (and they will come) and hence give up on exercise.

So this week you'll learn how to both keep your high standards and get rid of double standards. We'll also practice the Mind Reprogramming techbiques we've previously learned to get better at using them. After all, what good is it to learn a technique but not know how to put it in good use?

Next week is catch-up week, so this is indeed the final module for Gold Members. Enjoy!

Work with inner critic

Inner-critic is going wild? Let's help this little guy turn around. You'll be keeping your high-standards while dropping your double standards. Sounds good?

  • Why employing double-standards minimizes your chances of sticking to exercise while minimizing your chances of reaching your potential in mutliple sectors of your life.
  • How to deal with guilt for devoting time to yourself (and yes, that includes exercise).
  • How to review whether the way you see yourself is actually compatible with reality.

What Insights Did You Gain?

I'm gonna leave this open-ended and not ask any specific questions, other than - what insights did you gain from this week's material? Have you also employed double-standards? How do you deal with your inner critic?

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