Hello and welcome to the Habits module! This week you'll learn all you need to know about how to create habits that stick - what makes your brain wire them, what stops your brain from wiring them, and how to accelerate the habit-making process.

The big benefit of making exercise a habit is that once exercise achieves habit-status exercise it becomes something that you just do, without really thinking about it. Think about brushing your teeth. You usually do it without even thinking about it, it's just part of your routine. Even if you feel extremely sleepy, you're still highly likely to find yourself brushing your teeth.

That's why the people who for years have been exercising regularly, exercise religiously. Exercise has become 2nd nature. For them exercise is as simple as it is for you to put your seatbelt on as soon as you get in the car. And that's where you're going too by following this program. Now let's do this!

How To Make Exercise A Habit

Why it's so hard to stick to exercise if start out without having a habits-perspective in mind:

  • Why whipping yourself into shape interferes with the habit-making process.
  • How to create habits (and why joy is so important.)
  • What triggers are and how to use them to your advantage.
  • What happens when rewards conflict, e.g., you want to stay on the couch but also want to exercise and live healthy.
  • How to accelerate the habit-making process.

Watch the video and you'll be surprised when you realize that most things you were doing that you thought were creating a habit, were actually interfering with the habit-making process.

What Insights Did You Gain?

What did you learn in this video? Any past mistakes you realized just now?

Also what triggers will you be using to help you stick to exercise? What will you be doing to accelerate your brain's habit-wiring process?

Don't leave without commenting. Writing down your insights will help you digest the material better. So come on, let us know what your new insights are!

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