Hello and welcome to the very first module! I'm thrilled you're doing this!

So this week you'll be learning all about how to set the right exercise goals each week. Goals that actually encourage you to achieve them. You'll also be learning how to use your Exercise Habit Journal and why using it will be a game-changer.

Let's get started!

Define Your Vision

Why is it important to you to make exercise a part of your life? Most importantly, what are the advantages of NOT making exercise a part of your life and staying as you are? "But Maria...there are no advantages, that's why I am here!"

I know, but you'll be surprised at what you may find if you dig deeper. Let's do it!

Setting Goals That Work

Learn how to set the right weekly goals:

  • Why setting progressive goals is your best bet to get to your Vision.
  • Should you aim for 10 minutes of exercise or 40? The difference between big and small goals and why it matters.
  • How to use the Exercise Habit Journal to set weekly goals and track your progress.
  • Why the end-of-the-week review is so important in creating an exercise routine that fits your needs and preferences perfectly.

You'll need the Exercise Habit Journal to watch this video. If you haven't yet downloaded it then do it now.

What Insights Did You Gain?

And now that you know all about goals and about using your Exercise Habit Journal, I want you to use the EB Habits Recipe to create a new habit - doing a weekly exercise plan using your Journal. For example, after I eat breakfast on Sunday morning, I'll sit at the kitchen table, and use the Habit Journal to plan for the week ahead. I'll then feel satisfied I have a solid plan for the week ahead.

Now, what is your recipe?

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