Wheee, you're here! Before you jump to Week 1, you need to do the prep work. Let's do it!

  • Download the Exercise Habit Journal
  • Define your Habit Recipe
  • Pick your plan B
  • Choose your Victory Dance

The Exercise Habit Journal

The Journal is an essential part of Exercise Bliss. It'll keep you focused and make you self-aware on what works and what doesn't. Right-click and "save as" to download it here.

Define Your Exercise Bliss Habit Recipe

You know what workout to do. But when? On Monday? Tuesday? At 8 am? Maybe before dinner? And how do you make sure your brain is actually on board with this and wires the habit? You make it all happen by following the Exercise Bliss Habit Recipe.

Modifications + Plan B

Planks, Push-ups, Squats. Three of the most fundamental exercises. In the videos below I'm teaching you the right form for each one of those. I'm also showing you multiple variations of each exercise so that you truly find the one that fits your own fitness level.

As you move forward in Exercise Bliss feel free to replace any pushup, plank, or squat you encounter in the EB videos with the variation that fits your level.

But modifications is not the only reasons I'm showing you these exercises. They'll also serve as Plan B. So if you ever find yourself about to skip a workout, do one of these exercises instead. That's the plan B.

This is super-important. Many people get demotivated after skipping workouts, and hence are less likely to keep up with it. They lose their momentum. Your plan B won't let that happen to you.

And you don't have to do much - just 2 reps. So 2 push-ups, 2 squats, or holding the plank for 2 counts is enough to keep your momentum up. Ok?

The plank is one of the best exercises for your abs. This tutorial shows different plank variations, so that you find one that match your own fitness level.

Push-ups are perfect for your back, chest, arms, and abs. This tutorial shows different variations, so that you find the ones that match your own fitness level.

Squats & lunges are perfect for your butt, legs, and calves. This tutorial shows different variations, so that you find the ones that match your own fitness level.

Choose Your Victory Dance

Rewarding yourself and getting those warm fuzzy feelings tells your brain "Wire this habit immediately!" And your brain gets to work. What will you be doing to reward yourself? It doesn't have to be big - a simple (mental) pat on the back is enough. Dancing is optional.