Welcome! In Exercise Bliss we're playing a whole NEW different game. This program is unlike anything you've seen before.

Before you dive in, you must first learn the NEW RULES of the game. Because we're playing a whole new different game in Exercise Bliss; the rules and strategies that you may have used in previous exercise programs will no longer work here.

Here's the thing: You can't approach Exercise Bliss with the same mindset and strategies you approached exercise before. A new set of rules is needed to help you follow the roadmap of this program and help YOU make exercise a habit not just for a month or two but for years and decades!

Think about it. Have you ever started an exercise program with the intention of starting exercise and NEVER stopping? Have you ever started exercise with not just the intention but also the tools and strategies to become one of the people who exercise daily, no matter what? To become one of the people who don't need willpower or motivation to do their workout because this is just what they do?

I doubt that. So watch the video to learn the NEW rules of the game. And welcome!

What happens next

Now that you know what to do and what NOT to do in Exercise Bliss, it's time to build your Habit Recipe.

  • Go here to create your Habit Recipe and define exactly when and where you'll be exercising.
  • Once you're done with the Habit Recipe, move on to Week 1's material. You're not officially starting with Week 1 till next Monday.
  • If you're a Classic member you'll also have access to our Goal Setting module. Again, you don't have to start this before next Monday when the class officially starts.

Now I know this may seem like a lot of material at first. I get that. BUT this is actually us being smart.

Right now your motivation is high. Because your motivation is high you'll be inclined to do the prep work.

Plus, because you'll be doing the prep work now you'll be paving the way for Week 1 and beyond. Preparation is, after all, 80% of success.

And in Exercise Bliss we don't leave things to chance, we don't hope we'll succeed. We KNOW we'll succeed. Sounds good? Now if you've already watched the NEW RULES video above, then move on to the Habit Recipe.