Hello and welcome to the Exercise Q&A module, where I answer your most common exercise questions!

If you're not sure what the most effective way to exercise is, wondering whether you can lose body fat from a specific body part, or not sure whether you should be exercising 15, 30, or 60 minutes, then this week's material is for you.

I'm also giving you additional resources that aim to make that new exercise habit of yours "sticky." If you have trouble doing your workout, and wondering why this is so even though your workout is only 5 minutes long (you know you have the time, but why are you not doing it?), then the hacks will solve that issue.

You'll also learn something that yes is optional, but if you're into it you may want to try it. It's all about how to use vizualization to help yourself succeed. No I'm not going to talk about meditation here. Just about how to create new secondary habits to assist you with your main habit - exercise. Sounds good?

You have a lot to look forward to this week, it'll be fun. Enjoy!

How Much Should I Exercise?

Time for exercise Q&A where I answer your most common exercise questions! You'll learn:

  • What should you aim for? 10 min? 30 min? 60 min? How does this change depending on whether I want body definition or just to live healthy?
  • How can I get the fastest results?
  • Do I need to get sore to know that the workout is "working?"
  • Can I do the same workout on two consecutive days?
  • Can I lose belly fat only? What about thigh fat?
  • What if I feel stronger, and maybe seem slimmer, but the scale has stays the same? Why is that?
  • Do I need to stretch?
  • I'm spending hours on the treadmill but get no results. Why is that?
  • Can I split a workout in two halves, and e.g., do half of it in the morning and half of it in the evening?

Stick to it!

Follow-through Hacks: 5 simple life hacks that will make sticking to your weekly plan a piece of cake! If you're skipping workouts this is a must-watch!

Auxiliary (secondary) habits: These are habits that assist you with creating another habit - in this case it's exercise. You've already developed a secondary habit: journaling. Learn how you can use visualization as well.

What Insights Did You Gain?

What did you learn that you didn't know before? Also: what hack will you choose to apply?

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