Beginner Workout Options

The following 5-min workouts are beginner approved! Non-threatening, gentle they get you firmer without appearing too hard or too anything.

Most of them are actually included in the EB weekly suggested exercises. Should you feel that you don't want to do one of those workouts, just come here and pick another workout. As simple as that!

On a different scenario, if you feel like you want to do MORE exercise and are looking for MORE options, then come back here, batch a few workouts together, and effectively increase the duration of your workout.

At the lower end of the page you'll also find a stretching video and the original modification videos. Feel free to replace any squat, push-up, plank or lunge with the variation that matches your own fitness level!

Again it doesn't matter what workout you do. What matters the most is whether you're consistent. So pick your favorites and keep it up!

And if you want more advanced workouts, go to the All Workouts page for even more options. Enjoy!

All Beginner Workouts

Push Yourself Up: After you experience how wonderfully push-ups shape your body, you will stop hating them. Promise. Exercises in this video: open- & closed- arm push-ups.

Mix It Up: Want to improve your balance? Or, maybe, shape up your arms? You are at the right place. Exercises in this video: tricep dips, bird dog.

Tighten Your Legs: Lie on the floor and start...lifting. This pilates inspired workout starts shaping up your legs from day 1! Exercises in this video: circles, clams.

Feel Your Core: Start Exercise Bliss gently by re-connecting with your core. Your abs and upper & lower back will thank you. Exercises in this video: swimming, plank.

Work Everything: Work literally every muscle of your body with this workout. That's how good these exercises are. Exercises in this video: push-ups, bridge.

Glutes Flow: Stretch your back and lift your butt. All included in this yoga-inspired workout. Exercises in this video: downward dog, glutes.

Straighten Your Back: Get your heart rate up while working your abs. Then, take it easy while improving your posture. Exercises in this video: mountain climbers, cobra.

Favorite Workout: What's your favorite exercise? That's what you'll do here for the next 5 min. Exercises in this video: circles, clams, bridge.

No Back Fat: Back fat right underneath your shoulders? Time to say good-bye... Exercises in this video: plank variation, dart beats.

Tight Lean Arms: No more flabby arms! Wear those sleeveless shirts with confidence. Let's get started! Exercises in this video: V push-ups, tricep dips.

Stretch Strenghtening: Sitting too long every day? Avoid kyphosis by stretching your hip flexors and abs. Let's do it! Exercises in this video: deep lunge, cobra stretch.

Stretching & Modifications

Stretching: The perfect cool down. You don't have to do it. But it'll make you feel even more awesome. You'll prevent soreness and increase your flexibility -- in only 5 minutes.

The Right Push-up For You: Push-ups are perfect for your back, chest, arms, and abs. This tutorial shows different variations, so that you find the ones that match your own fitness level.

The Right Squat For You: Squats & lunges are perfect for your butt, legs, and calves. This tutorial shows different variations, so that you find the ones that match your own fitness level.

The Right Plank For You: The plank is one of the best exercises for your abs. This tutorial shows different plank variations, so that you find one that match your own fitness level.

Which Workout Is Your Favorite?

Tend to do the same workout again and again? Let us know which one it is!

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