Become One Of Those People
Who Exercise Daily, No Matter What:
5 Minutes of Exercise a Day - 5 Days a Week.
You in?

  • No more exercising for a month or two and then giving up, losing all your results. Exercising is now a permanent habit.
  • No more pushing yourself to get off the couch. You now find it easy to "just do it".
  • Start small with a 5 minute daily exercise habit - Build it up to 30 min or more later.
  • No more focusing on instant results that disappear a month later. You're now focused on lasting ones.
  • Become THAT person who can't live without exercise!

What recent graduates are saying...

Young? Old? Busy?

"Liked Exercise Bliss very much. Showed me my weakest areas and made me want to get stronger without making it seem impossible to achieve."

- Karen Williams, retired

"Loved Exercise Bliss. Super simple, easy to commit to. Easy to fit into my hectic schedule as a mom of twins."

- Jacquie, busy mom of toddler twins

"The videos come every day, are waiting for me in my email, & don't require that I think about exercise. All I have to do is follow you!"

- Jason Jacobs,

"Exercise Bliss taught me that habits don't HAVE to "just happen." You can decide what habit(s) you want and take specific steps to create them."

- Steve Rollison, retired